Think SEO While Blogging in 7 Steps

How findable is that blog post you just wrote?  You can write great content that not many people read if you don’t practice some SEO basics.  If you use WordPress it is pretty good out of the box, but I also recommend using a SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast (I like this plugin […]

Practical Uses for Pinterest

I admit it… I am one of the 10% of males who use Pinterest.  I see my role as trying to bring as much testosterone to the up and coming social media site as possible.  I also admit that I’m not using it very effectively. Enter this conference I was at last month – RightOnline […]

Ten Tips for Using Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for quite awhile now.  I had an account (@shanevanderhart) for almost a year before I started using it.  My first thought was this is like for Jr. High kids.  I just thought of stupid tweets that one could send out.  “I’m in the kitchen!”  “I’m eating a sandwich.”  You know share […]