Canva: A Useful Creative Design Tool

I had a friend recommend an online graphic design resource to me awhile back called Canva.  The creators of the resource tout it as a simple new way to design.  They write: Design shouldn’t be hard but somewhere along the way we became bogged down with expensive, complicated software that put design out of reach […]

Checking Out Sprout Social

Taking advantage of the free trial period we look at the pros and cons of Sprout Social a tool for those who manage multiple social media accounts.

Infographic: Social Media Image Sizes and Tips

This is a great infographic from Tent Social that contains ridiculously exhaustive (their words, but I agree!) social media design information.  So if you wondered what height and width a picture needed to be for a particular social media outlet here’s your resource.  This covers Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. So […]

Infographic: Google + 2012

Google + released the following infographic highlighting their progress for 2012.

Instagram Is Making a Huge Mistake

Instagram changed their terms of service in such a way it gives it the right to sell your photos to companies without your permission – a big mistake.

Infographic: Ten Things People Love and Hate About Pinterest

It seems like Pinterest’s recent growth has slowed down to sane levels, but before that they reached 10 million users in February in record time.  NetBase and SAP released an infographic that shows what people loved and hated with this new social network:

New LinkedIn Design

Like?  Dislike?  Don’t care? I like it.  It looks clean, and easy to navigate. What say you?

Ten Tips for Using Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for quite awhile now.  I had an account (@shanevanderhart) for almost a year before I started using it.  My first thought was this is like for Jr. High kids.  I just thought of stupid tweets that one could send out.  “I’m in the kitchen!”  “I’m eating a sandwich.”  You know share […]