Instagram Apologizes

After hearing loud and clear Instragram decided to drop the controversial user agreement changes their co-founder Kevin Systrom announced yesterday.

Facebook By The Numbers (Infographic)

Mashable had a very informative infographic up on Facebook.  I wanted to share it here.

New Twitter Profile with Header Images

Have you seen the new Twitter profile?  You can now upload a header image which can be uploaded using the mobile apps for  iPads, iPhones, Android, as well as, Here’s mine: It looks really good on mobile devices… see below. will still feature a background photo as well.

Should Companies Have to Disclose Paid Bloggers and Journalists?

A federal judge recently ordered Oracle and Google to disclose any paid journalists and bloggers they may have hired to comment on their court case. reports: In a surprise order, U.S. District Judge William Alsup said “the court is concerned” that Oracle and Google may have hired authors to comment about their ongoing court […]

Tweeting The Olympics

Obviously Twitter is going to overwhelmed with Tweets for the Olympic Games in London.  The hashtag is #Olympics.  You can follow along below: You can click below to add your own Tweet. Tweet #Olympics