Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Website


What does your website communicate?  Does yours look some thing like the picture above?  If so it’s time to spring clean your website.

I’m floored by how many people run websites that are:

  • Hard to navigate.
  • Hard to update
  • Not pleasing to the eye.
  • Dependent on your readers to remember to come back and check your website for updates.
  • impossible to look at on a mobile device.

Here are five ways to spruce up that website.

  1. Use a content management system like WordPress (my CMS of choice) that offer multiple themes that look sharp.  Joomla and Drupal are other CMS options.  If you can word process you can make content updates.
  2. Use colors and graphics that are pleasant to the eye.
  3. Shift you website from a static website to a dynamic one.  Offer fresh content on your website and it lets your fans, customers, supporters and readers know when it has been updated.
  4. Make your website social – it should be easy to share.  Do you have a Facebook page and Twitter account (in my mind those are no brainers)?  Do you have social network sharing buttons on your website?
  5. Mobile friendly… test your website on a mobile device.  How does it look.  A mobile ready website should have everything shifted to one column for easy viewing on your phone.  If you are using a tablet, it should compress.

If that’s you.  I can help.  Email me at or call me at (515) 321-5077.


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