Plug-In Popularity: The WordPress Top 30


I’ve been blogging since 2006 and since 2009 I’ve self-hosted a WordPress blog.  WordPress is an open-source content management system developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003.

It is really easy to use.  I found that I didn’t need to be a programmer and know a bunch of code which is great for my rudimentary HTML, Javascript and CSS skills.  Self-hosting WordPress gives you the ability to use all sorts of plug-ins that help you enhance and customize your blog or website.

There are over 22,000 plugins, but are the top 30 WordPress plug-ins with links to where you can get information and download them.

  1. Akismet (I use)
  2. WP Touch (I have used in the past, now I run themes that make this irrelevant.)
  3. JetPack by (I don’t use because of its impact on server resources, but I know some who don’t have a problem with this.  It really depends on your theme and other plug-ins you used.  It is a good tool however.)
  4. WP Page Navi (I use)
  5. Yet Another related Posts Plugin (Careful, impacts server load)
  6. Sociable (I have used in the past)
  7. WP to Twitter (I have used in the past.)
  8. Add This (I have used in the past)
  9. W3 Total Cache (I have used in the past)
  10. WP-DB-Backup (I have used)
  11. WP Polls (I have used in the past)

Here is an infographic from that gives you a good overview:


HT: Jeff Bullas

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