Blogging On Your iPad?

I just was given an iPad, and so I’ve been exploring different apps.  I have looked at the WordPress for iPad app. And was familiar with the Android version of it.  It has some good features to help you keep your blog up to date, but it’s greatest weakness is forcing users to edit pages and posts in HTML.  Why they don’t have the visual editor for their mobile apps is beyond me.

To answer this problem I found the app Blogpad Pro for WordPress.  This app makes editing as simple as word processing.  It allows you to add and edit pictures.  Building links in your posts are weary as well.  You can check stats, see comments, add tags, and even see your comments.  The only thing it won’t do is allow you to upload video.

Anyway, it has been a good app for me so I thought I would recommend it.

What apps do you like, especially ones that help with blogging?

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