Five Motivations Behind Why People Share Social Media Content

Anna Farmery at The Engaging Brand shared five reasons why people share social media content.  I thought these were pretty accurate though I don’t know if I would have written them quite the same way as it broadly paints us to be inherently selfish (which there is some truth to that, but that is the subject for a different time on a different blog).

  1. My Ego – Help me show that I am in the know – give me specials.
  2. My brand – help me show how great I am.
  3. My heart – help me show that I care about the world.
  4. My brain – help me show how much I know.
  5. My humor – make my day better by making me smile.

Personally I never share for Motivation #1 – my ego.  I don’t really share specials.  I don’t really think for most people it is ego, but instead they want to let friends and family know about a great deal.  Sometimes some of these deals incentivize people sharing.  It is a great tool.

If you are a business (business to customer, not business to business) and you’re not offering deals exclusively social media or on your website you’re missing out on a great tool.

With motivation #2 – “My Brand” there’s some truth to that.  Anybody who “likes” a product page on Facebook, what’s your motivation for doing so?  “See what I like!”  Right?

Motivation #3 – “my heart” – this is the motivation that non-profits must speak to.  Some organizations like Compassion International, World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse do a fabulous job of this.  If you are a non-profit, how are you speaking to people’s heart.

Motivation #4 – “My brain” – people like to share knowledge and new learnings with their friends.  What are you teaching them?

Motivation #5 – “My humor” – I share things I find funny all of the time.

What are your top motivations to share, and why do you think people share your stuff?

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