Think SEO While Blogging in 7 Steps

Search Engine Optimization SEO for BloggingHow findable is that blog post you just wrote?  You can write great content that not many people read if you don’t practice some SEO basics.  If you use WordPress it is pretty good out of the box, but I also recommend using a SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast (I like this plugin because it also provides a sitemap so I don’t need another plugin for that).

After that there are 7 basic steps you want to make sure you do in order to optimize your content for being indexed by search engines.

  1. Choose a key word or phrase.  Decide as you are writing what is the most likely search term that will be used to find your post..  Let that be your key word.
  2. Make sure you use that key word or phrase in your title.
  3. Be sure to use key word or phrase in the first sentence or two (definitely in the first paragraph).  If you create an excerpt for the page, make sure it is in the excerpts as well.
  4. Use your key word a few times throughout your post.  A good SEO practice is making sure that your post is deemed relevant by the search engines.  You demonstrate that by using your key word that is in your title a few times throughout the post.
  5. Make sure your key word or phrase is also part of your URL structure.
  6. Links whether they are internal or external links (relevant) be sure to include links throughout your post as well.  When your site is being crawled that is something that is looked favorably upon.

That’s it.  You do those seven things and your content stands a much better chance of being indexed and having a good page ranking.

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