Facebook Pages and the Link Preview


Ok, an interesting learning opportunity today.  As you may be aware Facebook has not been incredibly friendly to brand, company, and organization pages.  Generally with any given post only up to 5% on average see your posts.  They then introduced page notifications which will improve letting your page followers know when there will be updates.  Just yesterday they released page feeds so you can see a news feed with nothing but updates from pages you have liked.

One catch though, neither Facebook’s EdgeRank, page notifications, or page feed is friendly toward you sharing a link with a preview.  With the EdgeRank it will diminish how many people see it (of course this can go up if you have a lot of people like and comment, but how will they like and comment if they don’t see it?).  With page notifications and page feeds it doesn’t show up at all.

A quick fix would be to share your link without the preview.


This way it is like a status update except that it will have a link.  I also recommend using a link shortener like bitly so your URL won’t be obnoxiously long.  The only disadvantage is that people can share the link itself to their profile.  They’ll have to go to the page to share or like the article.

The second way to overcome this is by including the link to the article or blog post in a caption of a relevant picture.  Facebook’s Edge Rank seems to favor uploaded pictures and videos.  So if you have a killer picture try that instead.  The disadvantage is the same.  You can always include the link in a status update (without link preview) or in a picture, video (uploaded, not shared from YouTube) or photo album  and then share a link preview later on.  I’d recommend scheduling that out.

Anyway the main thing is having the link preview diminishes how many of your page’s fans will ever see your post.

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